Our Products

Our Wall Insulation is an Open or Closed Cell Spray Foam Insulation and
Air Barrier System that has become the industry standard for providing the
ultimate building envelope performance. Safe, eco-friendly and energy
efficient, this Wall Insulation is a breakthrough technology in air flow moisture and thermal management when used in your home or business.

Tripolymer Injection Foam Insulation

We now offer Wall Injection services for existing structures using Tripolymer Foam! Please contact us for more information, and watch the video on our homepage!
Tripolymer® can be used in virtually any type of construction; commercial masonry block core fill, block/brick veneer, residential home retrofit applications and new commercial buildings.
Fire Resistance Independent laboratories have tested Tripolymer® under a wide variety of construction systems for their fire ratings. It is rated as a Class 1 Building Material and does not emit hazardous gases when exposed to heat or fire. Tripolymer® will not support combustion and will not ignite or drip when under fire conditions.
Efficiency Tripolymer® has an R-rating of 5.1 per inch and becomes more efficient at colder temperatures. It begins saving energy and dollars immediately upon installation and does not decrease in efficiency over time. Infiltration is greatly reduced as compared to fiberglass and blown-in type insulations and does not settle.
Ease of Installation Tripolymer® foam does NOT expand in the wall cavities; it is already fully expanded as it leaves our equipment. Tripolymer® is cold setting foam that is installed into the wall system through specially engineered metering equipment by factory trained and certified contractors. It easily flows into hard-to- reach cavities (watch video), completely filling the cavity and starts to cure within 10 to 60 seconds after injection. Small cavities around window units, pipe chases, air ducts, and conduits can easily be retrofitted.
Tripolymer® foam helps prevent bugs and rodents from living in your walls.
√ Is Not A Urea formaldehyde based foam
√ Environmentally Safe
√ Does Not Contain or Emit CFCA’s
√ Class 1 Building Material
√ Increases Fire Ratings
√ Zero Smoke Development
√ Excellent Noise Reduction
√ Excellent R-Value 5.1/in
√ Does Not Compress or Settle
√ No Thermal Degradation
√ The original Phenolic Based Cold Setting Foam Insulation
√ Adds value to your home

A two component system that when installed following application guidelines, adheres tenaciously to framing members and substrates and minimizes air leakage for increased energy efficiency, creating a healthier more comfortable indoor environment. Our Insulation is applied as a liquid expanding 100 times its volume in seconds to fill every crack and crevice while remaining flexible to maintain the integrity of the building envelope’s seal. It does not shrink, sag or settle and remains intact over the life of the building. Its performance is superior to commonly used fiber-glass batt or board stock. In just minutes after initial spray application, our Insulation is totally cured, inert, and ready for interior finish work to begin. For more information on our products, please continue to the downloads page for brochures and technical data of our products.

Why spray foam insulation?

By far, the best and most efficient green products are Tripolymer and polyurethane spray foam insulation. These two part substances are sprayed or injected in, which then expands and hardens. This is the most efficient way of insulating a house since, as it expands, it fills all the cracks and holes completely; creating an airtight seal and barrier from the elements. In addition to providing excellent insulation, it is the only way to keep water and moisture completely out of your home. It is effective at keeping out pests as well, and is naturally fire resistant unlike other kinds of insulation.

Spray foam is environmentally friendly and saves YOU the homeowner anywhere from 20% to 40% of your heating and cooling bill every month they are used, depending on where you live. This saves you money, and it also helps save the planet.