Combination Install

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Chapin Estates installation

We completed an install inside Chapin Estates Located outside of Bethel, NY recently. We used a combination of Sprayed Foam Insulation as well a fiberglass insulation products. For exterior concrete walls we used our high performance closed cell foam which gives a high insulation value with a minimal amount of product expansion, as well the closed cell foam provides an impervious barrier to water and moisture.

Closed cell insulation

Closed cell provides high R value with limited expansion

On interior studded walls we used a combination of Open Cell Sparyed foam, as well as fiberglass insulation. Fiberglass insulation was only used on non-exterior exposed rooms for added soundproofing. Open cell insulation was used on all exterior facing walls where an airtight seal and maximum insulation was necessary!

exterior and interior insulation photo

Interior and exterior visual

Cathedral ceilings do not pose any challenge to insulate for a spray foam insulation install. We use scaffolding and picks to reach all areas of the roof and interior ceiling dead space to provide maximum energy efficiency, and insulation effectiveness.



Overall, this installation on new construction was complete and effective. Stay tuned to our postings so you can view more insulation installations, and we will be updating our articles with wall injected insulation projects in the very near future!

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    I think we talked before about my new construction in Bolton Landing I can’t find the email Call me I have about 2000 sq ft of roof space to foam–

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